Screen: 65” Capacitive Touch Screen, 1428 × 803mm, 1920 × 1080 High Resolution
Mirror Size: 65” long × 3 wide × 40” height
Wide Viewing: 89/78/89/89 (Typ.)
Brightness: 500 nit
Processor: Quad Core, RK3288, Cortex A9
OS: Android 5.1
Memory: 16GB
Wireless Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
USB Port × 2 / HDMI Port / RJ45 (Max: 128GB)
Audio Output: Stereo Speaker
Protection Grade: IP66, Fog Proof (Defogger)


Mirror, mirror on the wall, how often does Seattle experience rainfall? Always wanted to have a magic mirror that you can ask questions? Now you can with the iView Magic Mirror, iView’s latest addition in our mission to make your house a smart home.

The iView Magic Mirror runs on a Cortex A9, Quad Core RK3288 with an Android operating system. Holding up to 2GB RAM and 16GB of total internal storage, the Magic Mirror makes it simple to switch between various applications and download plenty of games, videos and more without running out of storage. The 65” mirror has a built-in capacitive Android touchscreen, making it the perfect addition to any room. Hang the mirror in your room so you can watch movies as you get ready. Place in your Magic Mirror in the bathroom so you can check the weather when you wash up in the morning so you know what to wear. Or set it in the hallway so you can check whether you appear presentable for your big meeting while you’re headed out the door. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the iView Smart Mirror.

65-inch Magic Mirror

Coming in at around 65” wide and 40” tall, the iView Magic Mirror is the perfect entertainment hub for any room. Watch movies, browse the web, and more all on your Magic Mirror. With a 65” mirror, the iView Magic Mirror provides ample viewing space for entertainment. With its 1920 × 1080 resolution screen, watch movies, play games and more in HD resolution. The Magic Mirror’s wide viewing screen allows you to watch movies comfortably even from across the room. Useful for any occasion, the iView smart mirror is the perfect addition to any room in your house.

With 500-nit brightness, the Magic Mirror is suitable for all rooms to deal with most lighting situations throughout the day. Whether the sun is rising, setting or it is pitch black outside, you can still enjoy your 65” smart mirror any time!

Smart Motion Detection Sensor

When it detects motion within a specific range, the built-in smart sensor in the iView Magic Mirror lights up the screen, allowing you to view all the apps you have installed on the mirror’s Android operating system. Simply walk up to your Magic Mirror and watch as the screen illuminates with a whole variety of apps to choose from, just like magic!

If you want to use your magic mirror to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, you can lock the iView Magic Mirror so the screen stays on, even when you’re not nearby. Your Magic Mirror can now double as another TV for you to enjoy your shows in whichever room you desire.

Fog Proof

The iView Magic Mirror is fog proof, offering IP66 grade protection from dust and water. Wherever you place your smart mirror, you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined over time with frequent exposure to the elements. Like taking steaming hot showers? The Magic Mirror prevents the steam and moisture from fogging up your mirror, allowing you to place your magic mirror in your bathroom without having to worry about damaging it with frequent water exposure.


As the iView Magic Mirror is built on an Android platform, you have access to the Google Play Store. Download any of the hundreds of apps available to get greater entertainment value and use out of your Magic Mirror. Check the weather to decide what to wear or download Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or any other streaming video app to watch your favorite movies or TV shows to have something to watch as you’re getting ready.

Browse the Web

Computer screens are large enough as it is, but if you want an even larger screen, use your iView Magic Mirror to browse the web. A web browser is already pre-installed on our Magic Mirror so you don’t have to go through the hassle of installing a browser onto your mirror. Stop squinting at the fine print on your computer and enjoy the luxury of using your 65-inch Magic Mirror as your new monitor when searching the web!

USB, HDMI, and RJ45 Ports

iView Magic Mirror comes with ports that accommodate more storage and peripherals while ensuring great connectivity. Its two USB ports work great for transferring data. It does the job up to 10 times faster than a USB 2.0 port while maintaining the same connectivity option.

The HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, port is ideal when transferring uncompressed video data from two HDMI-compliant devices, such as from a computer monitor or laptop to a TV screen.

The RJ45 port, also known as the network port or Ethernet port, when computers are concerned, is mainly used when connecting devices to Ethernet, which is ideal for optimum connect speeds and security when it comes to transferring data files.

Updated Features for Next Generation

Voice Command

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how often does Seattle experience rainfall? Do you frequently use virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri or Cortana? The iView Magic Mirror has Google Assistant built-in so you can use voice commands to ask questions and get answers with minimal effort. On a time crunch? You don’t have to stop getting ready to check the time. Ask the iView Magic Mirror so you know how exactly much time you have left before you have to be out the door. The iView Magic Mirror makes it simple and easy so you don’t have to scurry around when you don’t need to.