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Company Profile

Founded in 2002, Wiltronic Corporation has established itself as one of the leaders in consumer electronics and home entertainment products. We blend innovation, quality and value in each product to create a better and more advanced life. We've built our reputation around highly-satisfied customers for more than a decade and continue to dream of a new digital lifestyle.

Our goal is to make a connection between technology, culture and art. At Iview, you'll find a wide variety of consumer electronics that not only feature the latest technologies. Each product is endowed with unique artistry and cultural flavor. Smart devices come in abundance in the market, but the distinction lies in how our products bring totally new sensational experiences along with spiritual enjoyment.

Amid remarkable technological advancements, we never forget our responsibilities to our environment. Wiltronic Corporation partakes in the global community by supporting modern lifestyle practices backed by pro-environmental technology built in our smart ecosystem devices for the home.

Meet Raymond Hsu

Wiltronic Corp. is owned by highly-educated, experienced, like-minded individuals who are passionate about their field. Vice President Raymond Hsu would like to extend the warmest welcome to all!

As an Engineering graduate from Tennessee Tech, Raymond worked with some of the world's biggest electronics manufacturing companies including FOXLINK and Acterna. He manages to stay updated with the newest technologies, thus allowing the firm to keep up with the continuously evolving market.

Wiltronic Corporation was born out of passion for emerging technology and dedication to embrace the new. With vast experience and expertise on the table, Raymond leads Iview further into the future. Under his corporate direction and influence, Iview embarks on new product developments to take their unique offerings up a notch.

A sneak peek brings us into the world of Li-Fi.

Li-Fi is the technology of the next decade. Though it hasn't been publicized yet, several companies world over are already one step ahead. Similar to Wi-Fi which utilizes radio waves, data transmission will occur over the electromagnetic spectrum, only Li-Fi exploits a completely different part of that spectrum.

The newest form of wireless communication broadens the horizon by using light to transmit data between devices. Li-Fi will make use of visible light, ultraviolet and infrared. This makes it ideal for areas that are susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Dimmed below human visibility, it will be designed to emit enough light to carry data and and yield a higher bandwidth.

Wi-Fi is in fact close to its full capacity, while Li-Fi poses no limitations. It's larger than the entire radio frequency spectrum by 10,000 times, yet expected to be 10x cheaper once it rolls out. In today's changing times with ever-advancing and evolving technology, imagination is the only limit!

Our Services

Iview is a trusted provider of Original Equipment Manufacturing and Original Design Manufacturing services. We encourage you to put our OEM and ODM manufacturing strength to good use towards increasing your product offerings. Our skillful engineers and expert technicians are eager to please!

All products can be tailored to suit your requirements and specifications. Iview is your one-stop PCBA design solution. We've got the expertise, experience and equipment to get your customized design done exactly how you want it. Through advanced design capabilities, we can provide single or double-side, high frequency, and multi-layer PCBs.

Iview consistently delivers quality designs that exhibit superior performance, durability and reliability. Defined by high quality standards and specialized teams tirelessly innovating and working behind-the-scenes, Iview minimizes development risks and significantly shortens your product launch period.

Our Mechanical Design staff is comprised of highly experienced design experts who love what they do. The entire Iview product line complies with IP-67 ratings and up, covering vibration and drop testing, resistance to water & dirt, and endurance to high/low temperatures.

Thermal management is run by the Iview Thermal Design team who specializes in fitted cooling design or fan-less products. Enhanced power consumption, reduced noise and improved vibration altogether contribute to the extended lifespan of Iview products.

Our industrial design team and their enthusiasm is key to creative Iview solutions that turn ideas into reality. Top designers, planners, analysts, and technical experts work in collaboration to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions. Iview streamlines the whole process of product innovation including brand and product planning, user and market studies, design and industrialization services for a successful production launch.

The brilliant teams at our core distinguish us from the rest. We greatly appreciate your support to our growth and development. In turn, we strive to deliver excellence across our products and services to meet, if not exceed expectations. It is our commitment to provide end users ultimate comfort and satisfaction out of using their new Iview product.

Iview business orders are handled with utmost care from our Los Angeles, California head office. Meticulous product design and manufacture takes place at our ISO 9001 certified China factory. Product deliveries can be conveniently arranged from Hong Kong or Shenzhen ports to any destination. All items sold from the U.S. comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty to your peace of mind.

Iview - Making Lives Better

Today's options for smart wifi devices tend to overwhelm. To get the best product that meets your needs and gives you the best value, you've got to be "smart."

Iview offers state-of-the-art products that can surpass the most renowned brands of today. We deliver only the highest quality yet affordable consumer electronics with superior reliability. We wish to make as many lives beautiful with technology!

Tired of dragging a bulky vacuum around the house? How about the garage door that takes forever to let you in? It's time to take control of your life!

With Iview, you'll come home to a clean place each and every time. As you wish, you can have a nice cup of coffee waiting for you. You can sit back and relax with a good book under the perfect lighting. Family time will be much more exciting with immersive movie experiences brought about by our smart ecosystem devices. You don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy the luxuries of a smart home!

Many call their smart-home device Alexa or opt to speak with Google. You can call your Iview device whatever you like and pretty much do the same. It's compatible with either virtual assistant and can run independently. Iview's packed with the same impressive skills and automation that makes life a lot simpler. You can get our smart bulbs, smart vacuums, smart wall switches and smart sockets at much better prices.

There's no better time to start living smart than now. What's stopping you from enjoying life to the fullest?

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