Important Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Important Tips for Safe Online Shopping

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Online and mobile shopping is the most fun and convenient form of buying since the inception of the Internet. Almost all of us do it on a monthly basis at the very least. However, the Internet can be a perilous place, so here are some precautions to take when shopping online:

Make Sure it’s the Correct Web Address

Sometimes you do need to double check that you have the correct web address to make sure that it’s secure.  A lot of websites have fake or spoof versions, so make sure it’s a legitimate site.

See if the Site is Secure

Most online shopping sites will have a security seal, that often appears on the homepage or payment page. Common ones are McAfee Secure and Comodo trustmarks. A security seal on a website shows that the site has been scanned and verified as secure by a trusted third party. This also indicates that the site will protect you from identity theft or credit card fraud.

Use your Judgment 

Always use the best judgment when you’re looking at a retail site. Does it have misspellings, grammatical errors and low-resolution photos? Is it asking for a lot of sensitive personal information? If so, then chances are it could be an unsafe website. If it looks questionable, don’t take the risk.

Use a Secure Connection

Don’t shop when using an unsecured wireless network because hackers can easily access your payment information when the network is not protected. Try not to use most public Wi-Fi connections when making payments online. While we’re at it, try not to use public computers as well when shopping online, as information of your browsing history and even your login information may be attainable to strangers.

Use Strong Passwords

Pick strenuous passwords that are difficult to guess and that are at least 10 characters long. The best passwords are a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Always keep your passwords private and keep in mind not to set your computer to remember your credit card number or passwords. For good measure, try not to save your credit card information on your personal account on a retail site. This could heighten the risk of your information getting stolen

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