10 Surprising Facts About iView's Indestructible Tablet - Hercules

10 Surprising Facts About iView's Indestructible Tablet - Hercules

It's difficult to go a day without needing to use a tablet. It's the perfect device for being productive, e.g., shooting off emails, editing spreadsheets or organizing your schedule. For general use, you'd need it for browsing the web or watching videos and everything in between.

The only problem with a bigger screen is that it's more vulnerable to daily wear and tear. One drop can be all it takes to result in a cracked glass, a non-responsive display or a dented shell.

If you need a tough tablet that can take a beating, try the iView Hercules 8-inch Ruggedized Tablet. It's the perfect device that offers an excellent balance of usability and durability.

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Iview Hercules 885TPC Rugged Tablet

The iView 885TPC is an 8-inch tablet designed for ultimate productivity while on the go. The device touts Android Oreo 8.1 right out of the box and capable hardware as well. Perhaps the biggest difference between the iView Hercules and other tablets in the market is the ruggedized design.

Users can enjoy the snappy and responsive Octa-Core processor and visuals, and with plenty of storage to boot. The 4,000 mAh battery offers all-day use on a single full charge. Added features include the Google Play Store and a plethora of management apps, e.g., Video and Music Playback, Picture Viewer, Email, Calculator, Calendar and a Web Browser.

Download all your favorite apps and software within the iView Hercules. You can rely on this tablet to get things done and survive in the harshest urban environment.


Ruggedized & Kid-Friendly

The iView 885TPC Rugged Tablet is built from the ground up to last a long, long time. The device can survive everything you can throw at it, including vibrations, shocks, falls, scrapes and bumps that are part of using it every day.

Professionals who are constantly out in the field can pull out the iView Hercules and go about day-to-day tasks without worrying whether their tablets will break. Included in every purchase is a durable anti-drop case that has a built-in kickstand.

Parents can give the iView Hercules tablet to their children and not worry about it getting broken by the end of the day. Falls and drops won't cause it to malfunction, or its screen to crack. This gives you peace of mind knowing your kids can play with a durable tablet that survives. The 885TPC is the best 8" rugged tablet for individuals from all walks of life.


885TPC Ruggedized Tablet Features

Octa Core Processor, Crisp Visuals

The iView Hercules has an 8 core processor via the Cortex A53 chip that can reach speeds of up to 1.5GHz. The tablet comes with 2GB of RAM, which makes this rugged tablet a speedy device that can handle various productive and entertainment apps seamlessly.

The touch-screen tablet sports a clear 1280 x 800 resolution screen with IPS technology. All the visuals that come out are crisp and vivid, making them great for watching YouTube or Netflix videos.


Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Dual band means the iView Hercules can connect to either 5GHz or 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequencies. It has the latest standard in Wi-Fi technology. This translates to ultra-fast connections that allow you to work, chat or play with little to no latency or lag. The device auto-switches when you're close to 5 GHz and connect to long-range frequencies at 2.4 GHz when you're far from the router.


Built-In Dual Camera

The Hercules' front has a 2-megapixel camera that's good for Facetime and selfies using the Camera or your favorite video calling application. With the built-in mic, you can rely on the 885TPC to send and receive quality audio and video through the internet.

At the back of this 8-inch ruggedized tablet is a higher-resolution 5-megapixel camera that can take quality photos and video recordings. Never miss out on capturing precious moments such as special occasions, events, work-related tasks, etc. Take a snapshot, then quickly upload to social media or share to their friends and loved ones.


Bluetooth 4.0

The iView 885TPC has Bluetooth 4.0 for better connectivity on any compatible Bluetooth device. You can go wireless via Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or connect to PCs and other smartphones for sending and receiving files. The 4.0 technology is good for peripherals and frees up the USB ports for other things you may need for multi-tasking.

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Google Assistant Voice Control

Love the technology that voice control offers? You can continue enjoying smart assistive platforms when you use the iView Hercules, thanks to the inclusion of Google Assistant. Simply pull it up, ask for directions, the weather, and the time or turn your smart appliances on or off, all without having to tap or navigate. Activate the technology by saying "Hey Google" and following it up with recognizable voice commands.


Expansion Opportunities

The 32GB internal storage should be enough for your everyday apps, photos, music, videos and others, but why stop there? The iView Hercules allows you to expand without having to spend a fortune. This means you can download games, apps, photos and use up more data without worrying about space.

The iView 885TPC rugged device has an expansion slot for microSDs on up to 128GB. Furthermore, you can attach an external hard drive or a flash drive via the micro-USB port.


Free iView iHome App Remote Control

Users can maximize the iView Hercules' potential by downloading the iView iHome app free on the App Store and Play Store. With the app and an Iview smart plug, you can now control non-smart devices anywhere you have an iView device and an internet connection. Users can create an account, then log in to the iHome network. From there, you'll be able to control household devices for convenience, safety and to save electricity. Any appliance that's docketed into a smart plug can be controlled via the iHome app installed on your iView tablet or Smartphone.


What's In The Box?

The iView 8-inch 885TPC Tablet includes the following:

  • The 885TPC Ruggedized Tablet
  • USB Cable and User Manual
  • Adapter, OTG cable and a set of earphones
  • User manual and a silicon case

iview hercules specs

It's everything you need to get started.

The iView Hercules is sure to provide maximum returns for your investment. It's affordable, extremely durable and useful anytime, anywhere.

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