Keeping your smart devices in excellent condition

Keeping your smart devices in excellent condition

Out of all the operating systems in the market, the Android OS is the most flexible and customize-friendly of them all. These characteristics are what make Android smart devices a popular choice among the most tech-oriented users.

To get the best out of our your tablet or smartphone, you have to make sure that you keep it well-maintained and protected. You can do this by optimizing, speeding it up, and most importantly, cleaning.

Rooting your device

One of the best ways to get access to the power of your smartphone or tablet is to root them. Rooting enables you to install ROMs that will allow your phone or tablet to exceed the pre-set overclock speed set in the processor. This means it would run faster.

Getting rid of Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers are pleasing to the eye, but that’s just what these graphics do. Yes, they make your smart devices look pretty, but you are unknowingly making your Android work slower than it should. If you own an older device, you better get rid of them as soon as possible. Deleting these power-hungry wallpapers will give your tablet better performance.

Killing unnecessary tasks

One of the best apps that an Android user can get is a task killer. When you exit from an app, it doesn’t close down automatically. It instead just goes on standby mode, continuously consuming processing power. Task killer help in closing down apps you aren’t using, as opposed to keeping them hidden. This frees up processing power that accumulates for all the apps that you aren’t using.

Removing apps you rarely use

Just because you don’t use an app at all, doesn’t mean it’s not hogging processing power. Installed apps take up some of your device’s internal memory. Less memory contributes to the slowing down of your device’s performance. So if you rarely use these apps, delete them. Just download apps you need and keep you entertained, like your favorite games, social media, and productivity apps.

These are just some tips you can do to keep your tablet and smartphone in good shape. Of course, you should also avoid dropping or immersing them in water, as these incidents can also shorten your device’s life.

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