Tablet PCs: A Student’s Closest Ally

Tablet PCs: A Student’s Closest Ally

While the employment of electronic gadgets like android tablets in a classroom setting is continuously hampered by skepticism, you cannot deny the fact that technology, when applied rightfully, should give a whole lot of benefits to students.

Even if several quarters have already acknowledged the advantages of a tablet PC to students, a lot still aren’t completely sold. Perhaps the disbelief stems from the notion that students who use tablet PCs are presumably missing out on the benefits of experiential learning. But the truth is, students, even professionals, have found comfort in the versatility, functionality, and portability of a good android tablet. Fortunately for students, there is always an affordable Android tablet on the market. All they need to do is research on which ones offer the best value for money.

Recognizing the value of experiential education, I listed five primary benefits of an affordable Android tablet.


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Taking notes

Taking notes by hand is essential as it helps preserve valuable information inside a student’s mind. The importance of sticking to this practice can never be overstated.

With a tablet PC, making, editing, and organizing handwritten notes are still possible. Tablet PCs can also capture lectures on the board if and only when students are running out of time writing them down. This works even well with charts and diagrams where a slight error in copying makes a difference.

Writing down notes as they are being lectured is a tough task.  This wouldn’t be a problem for tablet PCs that have linked audio capabilities. With it, students can simultaneously record audio and do their notes.

Working from anywhere

Because of its portability, you can bring a tablet PC anywhere you go. That means you can always find time and place to study and do your homework. Tablet PCs simply make study room out of any place. Just be sure what you got has a long battery life.

Storing data

A good storage capability literally goes a long way for a student. With 8GB of memory to go with a fast dual-core processor, the iView 733TPC with a keyboard should help safeguard significant data. Add to that the wide range of eBooks and educational apps that can be downloaded and stored.

On individualism

High school and college students celebrate individuality. This shows in their choice of clothing, music, etc., and gadgets are in no way spared. The aforementioned model, the iView 733TPC-K, is available in different colors like Pink and Blue.

On value for money

To sum it all up, an affordable Android tablet has true potential to make a student more productive in school. But at the end of the day, it is still and always will be on him/her to make the most out of modern learning tools like a tablet PC. To find the best that does not take much on the purse, Android tablet reviews are readily available on the internet for your research purposes.

The debate goes on on whether tablet PCs truly have a place in the classroom. But given a chance, the careful balance of traditional and experiential learning may just be the best formula for improved academic productivity.

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