Three Rules for Buying a Tablet

Three Rules for Buying a Tablet

Are you considering purchasing a tablet for your child before going back to school? At iView we feel your first choice should be one of our affordable Android tablets. It’s a great deal for the level of performance, number of apps, games, music, and video. The iView 769TPC might be right up your alley this season. It provides a streamline Android tablet experience for a great price point.

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Three Guidelines when Buying a Tablet:

1. Analyze the person’s needs

There is always a ton of questions you have to ask yourself when shopping for someone else. First ask yourself, “What does the person need to use a tablet for?” If they want a tablet to replace the use of a PC they will need one more feature driven then one used primarily for movies and apps while on the go. Either way, the needs he or she may have will greatly affect your purchase.

2. Analyze price

The price of a tablet doesn’t always give an accurate representation of its quality and features. Make sure to carefully scrutinize all the features and specifications. Most iView tablets are compatible with HDMI and storage extension support, making them a superior choice.

3. Analyze brand

Nowadays, there are so many affordable Android tablet manufacturers on the market. Know your brands. Is it Google certified? iView’s tablets are! If a brand isn’t Google certified this could mean that there can be more problems down the road. Also, to avoid headaches make sure you look into the manufacturer’s warranty and policy on repairs. When choosing to buy an Android tablet, choose a manufacturer like us that is known for providing the latest firmware updates on their website.

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