Why you should be excited about Windows 10

Why you should be excited about Windows 10

Windows 10

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Everyone keeps talking about when the new Apple IOS is coming out, or what the new Android OS names are going to be. Quietly, Windows devices are creeping up and making a name for itself. The new update, Windows 10 is a tremendously significant upgrade from the last OS (Windows 8.1). Well, those that use PCs would benefit from this more.

Windows 10 eschews the use of full-screen apps and even the startup screen. It decided to set itself apart by focusing on being an ever-reliable desktop. The Windows 10 update added more features, functionality, and familiarity to make sure that PC fans would be happy. The update was massive but worth it based on what it offered. The improvement to a desktop approach was just a small taste of what it offers. Whether you’re a new Windows, someone considering it, or a long time user, there are features for everyone.

Introducing a classic

Startup menu and desktop

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Most Windows users had a problem with the Start menu not being where it usually is. To solve that issue, there is now a mix of usable desktop apps on the Metro Start screen. Live Tiles from Windows 8 showcase the apps and shortcuts to more traditional PC software.

You can also remove the Live Tile option from the settings. This will allow you to use your smart device like you would interface with a standard PC. Now, if you got used to how Windows 8.1 would operate, you could switch it to work just like that.

They fixed the blasted Windows app presentation

Windows 10 apps

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Windows 8 had an annoying way of showing its apps. It would force you into a full-screen app that made it somewhat difficult to move from one app to another. The new update takes the whole desktop design in mind by allowing you to launch an app in a desktop window. The apps are accessible on a toolbar of options that is also mouse-friendly. And like the classic PC interface, it allows you to adjust the size of the window.

Cortana just got better


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Back in 8.1, Cortana was just a digital assistant handling basic operations. In this update, she gets a promotion. She is now also in control of the OS’s search functions. Cortana will access your personal information, for her to intelligently find what you are looking for, as well as perform other tasks. This improvement was made possible by her Bing-powered cloud logic system. She can also help you find a variety of information online via queries using text or voice commands. Cortana can play music, create reminders, set alarms, and even try to make you laugh. There is more contextual awareness for her across a lot of apps. She became more useful than she ever was before.

A better browser

Microsoft Edge

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Internet Explorer is well-mocked for its lack of responsiveness and features compared to Chrome and Firefox. Windows is redeeming itself in the browser category with Edge. Edge had mobile usage in mind upon creation; it has the speed and seamless transition when used. Edge uses a cutting-edge rendering engine that even IE doesn’t have in the current update. It even has a feature used by magazine and aggregator apps. It has a clutter-stripping view and saves any article on a reading list that you can access anytime.

Firefox and Chrome are still meatier compared to Edge, but it’s quickly catching up.

And currently, it’s the only browser that can stream Netflix at 1080p. Think about that.

Core Apps kicked up a notch

Core apps

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To say that the Windows 8 apps were dodgy and frustrating might be an understatement. Luckily, Windows 10 decided to improve the Mail and Calendar apps. Comparing each other would be unfair, it’s like comparing a bicycle to a motorbike. The Windows 10 versions are fast and responsive. Plus, it manages to be view-friendly as well as working well with mice cursors and traditional touch users.

They overhauled the functionality too. It’s more instinctive for use, allows easier user-configuration.

Something new and spiffy

Sticky notes

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The Windows 10 update wasn’t just about improving existing apps and programs it had. It also added a new and fun feature.

Windows Ink was made to support Microsoft’s focus on stylus use. Windows comes with its dashboard where you can see inking apps you have or recommended ones you can use via curated section in the Windows store.

The Sticky Notes app will also recognize your writing and identify info. Cortana will then create optimized reminders and content, based on the intelligent system built.

A treasure trove

There are a lot more amazing features in the Windows 10 update. It’s all about exploring and discovering all the other features we didn’t discuss above. Upgrade to Windows 10 now and enjoy its cool features!

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