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Presenting the latest in PC innovation, and the smallest of Iview computers that's big in features. the iView Cyber PC, a Windows 10 mini PC Stick you can rely on for all your computing needs.

The Smallest PC

Windows 10 mini PC Stick + Mini Keyboard

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iView products are built with superior quality and offer the best value for your money. The highly versatile Windows 10 mini PC device can be plugged to any available display (yes, even your TV!), to instantly transform it into a Windows 10 computer. It's easy, simple and straightforward. Plug the USB-type PC stick whenever you need to get things done.

The iView Cyber PC features the latest display technology via the HDMI output. Insert the PC stick onto a compatible display and you'll be able to get to the Windows 10 OS right away. Though small in size, the iView Cyber has the latest, blazing-fast Cherry Trail Intel 1.8GHz CPU for a variety of uses, including viewing and sending emails, coming up with work presentations, HD video streaming and for casual gaming.

Connectivity is reliably carried out via the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology and standard 802.11 b/g/n WiFi channels. With a hefty 32GB of storage, you'll be able to store important files, documents, photos, videos and much more. The iView Cyber PC features expandability via a microSD card slot for up to 128GB added storage. What's more, you get a mini keyboard when you purchase the iView Windows 10 Mini PC for achieving top efficiency. There's no doubt that the pocket-sized device will come with you wherever you go for excellent functionality and efficiency whenever you need it.

iView Cyber PC users get a mini QWERTY wireless keyboard for multi-purpose functions. Use it for home, school or office, and anywhere you need to set up your computer. The included iView Keyboard is built to work with the latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology. Go wireless and free yourself from having to deal with the clutter and tangled wires! Place it on your lap or on the table for more convenient handling. Enjoy faster browsing and typing without having to use the on-screen keyboard. Gamers will find the ergonomically shaped wireless keyboard very comfortable to use. Our Bluetooth keyboard is cleverly designed to be minimalist in size, yet provides all the typing keys you need from a mini keyboard. It comes with a standard keyboard layout with a track board and scroll wheel on either side. The iView Cyber PC keyboard is small enough that you can carry it anywhere in your bag or your briefcase, making it perfect for those who are always on the go.

Quad Core Cherry Trail Intel CPU

Cherry Trail Quad Core CPU is unbeatable when it comes to energy efficiency, power, and reliability. It's one of the best computing processors for HD video streaming, office work, web browsing and gaming. In a quad-core configuration, there are 4 cores and each core does its own processing work. In essence, you can have up to 4 cores maximum for the most demanding tasks. Access to documents, work presentations, videos, and files are fast and features zero lag.

Do I Need More Cores?

Having four CPU cores is a boon due to its versatility. With light work such as sending emails, typing up reports and organizing files the iView Cyber PC you'll only need one or two cores working simultaneously to deliver processing power. If you're often multitasking with multiple windows, watching videos, and fancy yourself as a gamer, then the quad-core CPU is right for you. Our iView mini computer uses up to 4 1.8GHz CPU to render the best game and video graphics possible.


System memory is often referred to as RAM. Whenever one does work and have open programs and applications, the files are often temporarily stored on the PC's memory for fast access. All open programs, from web browsers to documents use a bit of system memory.

iView's Mini PC Stick utilizes a DDR3 RAM, the technology that allows the user to transfer data at up to 8 times the speed of conventional memory systems. You get faster bus speeds and achieve higher peak with an efficient DRAM technology in place.

You get high-speed memory working in the background when you plug the iView Windows 10 PC Stick onto a compatible monitor or smart TV. You'll have the convenience of having multiple windows open at any given time without ever experiencing significant slowdowns. Do your normal work, whether it's having multiple window browser tabs with the music player open, or having an open social media app while watching YouTube videos at 1080p or beyond. You can even do video or audio-editing work while having a conversation with someone via video calls. The iView Cyber PC boots up Windows 10 in seconds.

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Editing Videos & Audio

The iView Cyber PC does a great job for when you need to edit videos in their native HD or Ultra HD resolution. Normally you'd need a lot of memory (DRAM) and a hefty mid or high-end CPU, but having 4 Cherry Trail 1.8 GHz processors work well with encoding 1080p videos to MPEG-2 using the 1080p preview mode. The CPU architecture allows users to open up and use multiple applications quickly and with enough power.

Office Processing

Multitasking is a norm in today's society, and as such computers will need to be up to speed in terms of having more than one app or program open. It's not unusual for an individual to be browsing the web with one or two windows while listening to music or working on a document. The Quad Core CPU configuration means one or two cores handle the web browsing while the other 2 carries out the music playing capability and the documenting part. With the iView Micro PC, you can multitask to your heart's content.

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Supports 1080p Output

The convenience of Mini PC Sticks enable you to plug one into any compatible monitor or TV and access the Windows 10 platform at any given time. All you need is an available HDMI port and the screen opens up with a welcome Windows 10 OS for work or play purposes. Most HDTVs of today support the Mini PC Stick with Plug-and-Play functionality. Simply plug the iView Cyber Mini PC and you'll get a vibrant screen displaying rich colors and full-channel audio. What's more, you can get up to 1080p resolution without any scaling, letterboxing or distortion.

1080p resolution is one of the most preferred resolutions for viewing video content. It provides enough detail to immerse the viewer; each detail is rendered in stunning graphics as long as you're at the right viewing distance. You'll probably notice that having a resolution lower than 1080p suffers from jagged edges, blurry graphics and the feeling of "it's just not watchable". Most of us are watching 1080p videos from our mobile phones and TV, and having to get anything lower than 1080p is not acceptable.

The iView Windows 10 Cyber PC Stick allows users to experience a Full HD picture for viewing content, i.e., pictures, movies and videos on the web.

Good for Gaming and Office Use - Cyber PC with keyboard and monitor in background

Gaming. No one likes to play the newest games at anything lower than 1080p because it ruins the graphical experience. Most, if not all monitors being sold today are made to handle 1080p as a minimum, so it makes total sense for the iView Micro PC to have it as a standard as well. 1080p makes game graphics flow so much smoother and makes the overall gaming experience more enjoyable. Competitive gamers will not settle for anything less. iView Cyber PC, the Windows 10 mini PC Stick + Mini Keyboard offers FHD gaming immersion thanks to its powerful specs and graphical prowess.

Office. Computer desk and monitor displays are capable of putting out 1080p resolution; if not, then you should definitely upgrade with the iView Cyber PC. Impress the boss or your co-workers with HD-resolution images of presentations, charts or even detailed videos of your next project.

What about 4K, you ask? Well, 4k is the resolution of the future but it's not really advisable for consumers as of the moment. Though it's four times clearer and crisper than 1080p images, not all games are compatible when viewed in 4k. You'll also need to invest in more expensive equipment to achieve 4k resolution. At the moment you'll be able to enjoy quality gaming even with 1080p HD resolution. The best thing about iView Cyber PC is that you can get an immersive gaming experience without draining your wallet.

Cyber PC in Desktop with kids playing Ice age game on computer


The iView Cyber Micro PC comes with all the wireless connectivity you'll need, including Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and ports such as USB 2.0, a micro SD card slot and a micro USB port.

Wireless Connection

The iView Cyber PC has the latest version of Bluetooth connectivity and a dependable WiFi 802.11 b/g/n for connecting to the world wide web.

Bluetooth 4.0 is a much improved version over its predecessors. With the newer technology you can easily pair up Bluetooth devices with the iView mini PC Stick. You can go wireless with Bluetooth speakers, a Bluetooth headset or even a Bluetooth-enable mouse. What's more, you can activate the Bluetooth option on your mobile phone or your other laptop computer and achieve high-speed file transfers without ever using cables. Share files such as videos, music, photos and documents to anyone, anywhere.

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n can be used to connect to WiFi hotspots and home or office network easily and with minimal fuss. Through the web, you'll be able to send emails, send files, go on video conferences and hook up with people via social media.

USB 2.0 Ports Micro Card Reader and Micro USB on up to 32GB

Support 128GB Micro SD

The plug-and-play functionality works for all your storage drives and accessories. The iView Cyber PC has a micro SD slot for accessing files inside micro SD cards. Seamlessly plug in your USB stick or your micro SD card and gain access to the files in an instant.

Expansion Capabilities

More is always better in terms of PC. The iView mini PC Stick allows users to go beyond the standard specifications for total storage customization. We believe that you should be able to add space whenever you want without going through hoops to solve that need.

By itself the iView Cyber PC has enough storage space for documents, videos, and other multimedia files. There are several options should you need more storage for your precious photos, your favorite music or personal videos. The 32GB internal storage can be upgraded to 128GB via the Micro SD reader or by plugging in external hard drives via the USB port. You'll never have to experience that "low storage" warning or have to make a decision on what files you'll have to delete to make up space for new ones.

Windows 10 OS

Windows OS is a household name for both home users and office solutions. Chances are you've used a Windows OS before when you opened your laptop or office computer. iView Cyber PC uses the same operating system that's widely known for providing a great interface along with optimized system performance.

Open the built-in Microsoft Edge Browser to access your favorite websites, social media platform or for watching content on the internet. iView mini Stick PC users can even draw, doodle or add text on open web pages. Seamlessly share notes with colleagues, friends or family with just one button click. The browser supports ebook capabilities plus a distraction-free mode and options to read content at a later time. What's more, you can use Cortana and her voice command capabilities for when you need directions to a popular restaurant, for making reservations and for basic secretarial functions. All this can be done without ever exiting the Edge application!

The Continuum technology automatically adapts the best screen size resolution without manual input. Windows 10 is made to be used using touch-screen controls but connecting a keyboard for getting things done more quickly is a welcome option.

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Pocket PC Windows 10 On The Go

The iView mini PC Stick contains the latest Windows 10 OS for on-the-go computing like no other! Our iView Cyber PC is ready straight out of the box with record boot loading times. Achieve true plug-and-play solutions in an affordable package from the trusted iView brand.

Bring your digital world along with you in your pocket or your bag. You will no longer be limited to one desk, one conference room or an office. The iView Cyber PC changes the way you work by allowing total freedom. It's truly an all-in-one device that gives you productivity and entertainment in a mobile package.

The iView PC is everything you'll need in a reliable computing device. Our iView Cyber mini Stick PC is versatile enough to let you play videos, games or watch online videos on any compatible monitor or HD TV. It's bound to quickly become your favorite go-to device for chatting up friends and colleagues on Facebook, for watching popular videos on YouTube and in visiting websites. One tiny Windows 10 Pocket PC offers the perfect balance between work and play. Life becomes that much simpler and enjoyable when you go with Iview!