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The iView Food-Grade Ink Cartridge is a Monochrome food-grade ink cartridge for our iView Picasso Smart Art Industrial food-grade printer

Important notes:

  • Store cartridge in cool, dry place at room temperature prior to opening to prevent damage.  
  • One cartridge can only be activated with one machine.
  • The date on the cartridge is the manufacturing date, not expiration date. 
  • Our cartridge is made from food graded ink. It will expire either after 6 months from the activation date, or when all the ink is empty. We only guarantee that you will have a full 6-month of time at the time when you purchase the cartridge. If the cartridge is stored for too long before being activated, the 6-month period is NOT guaranteed. 
  • Please make sure the machine is connected to 2.4 GHz Wifi to activate the cartridge. If you do not activate the cartridge correctly, you will receive an expiration message. To know whether or not your cartridge has been activated, you can check if the SN code on the actual cartridge is matching with the SN code showing on the machine touch screen panel. If you already activate the cartridge and try to activate it again by typing the SN number, you will also receive an expiration message.
  • The amount of 800 - 1000 cup printings is really depending on your photos complexity, details, size, etc. 

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