UPC: 880010015108
Max Picture Size: 1280 × 720
Storage: Support SD Card (Max: 128GB)
Wi-Fi: Support (2G Optional)
This device only works with 2.4 GHz wireless connection.
Working Temperature and Humidity: -20°C - 55°C, Humidity less than 90% (without condensation)
Power Supply: DC 5V (Optional)
Battery: 6,000mA, Rechargeable Standby Consumption: 200mA (Super Low Consumption) - 800mA
Work Consumption: 220mA
Standby Time: 10 months
Working Time: 4 months (10 times wakeup per day)
Water Resistant: IP54
Supports Remote Wakeup

iView ISD100 Smart Door Bell

Wondering who’s there? See and hear to the people knocking at your door even when you’re not home now with the iView ISD100 Smart Door Bell. The iView Smart Bell is an innovative smart doorbell that captures 720p HD resolution, with remote wake-up support, built-in Wi-Fi, night vision, and a low consumption standby time, making it the perfect solution to secure your home from the get-go.

You’re spending most days at work, so who’s watching your home when you’re away? With the iView Smart Bell, you no longer have to worry about how safe and secure your home is. Now you can monitor your home on the go without having to worry.

Amazon Echo Show Compatible

Start monitoring your home in crystal-clear high definition and clear audio. Our iView Smart Bell supports Amazon Echo Show, making it convenient and even easier to use. Connect your smart bell to your Echo Show to begin monitoring your home. When someone rings your doorbell, see who it is without having to get up and check the door. Busy cooking and not interested in what the salesperson at your front door is selling? You can now continue chopping away and politely turn down their offer at the same time. Now, monitoring your home is just as simple as a single command.

Motion and Button Activated

Receive notifications sent straight to your phone with our motion-activated smart bell. Using infrared technology, the embedded motion sensor works both day and night. Once the bell detects motion, it captures a picture that sends a push notification and the picture straight to your phone. That way you know who’s at your door even before they push the button.

When a person rings your doorbell, a push notification with a live feed allows you to see and hear the person on the other side. Even while you’re away, you’ll be able to answer your door.

Prevention Security

Not only is it a doorbell, your iView Smart Bell can serve as your first layer precautionary security measure for intruders looking to enter your home. Ward off potential theft by having the iView Smart Bell serve as a reminder their actions are being monitored. With motion-activated push notifications sent straight to your phone, be alerted whenever you see someone loitering around your house. And when someone rings your doorbell, you can answer it wherever you are. The iView Smart Bell can present the illusion that someone is always a home, thereby discouraging others from breaking and entering. The iView Smart Bell is not just a doorbell, it’s a security precaution and a preventive tool you can’t afford to not to have.

HD Picture with Night Vision

The iView Smart Bell feature HD resolution with a max picture quality of 1080 × 720 and night vision, providing you with a crisp clear picture no matter the time of day. The bell’s built-in ¼” CMOS sensor, 1.0-megapixel camera, and 1/25 – 1/100,000 per second shutter speed enables you to receive a seamless video stream perfect to capture videos of any person ringing your doorbell.

Wi-Fi Connected

The built-in Wi-Fi makes it simple and easy setup, while also saving you money on the cost of an additional smart home hub. Getting started is easy. Just download the Smart Life and Tuya Smart App, set up your device on your phone, and begin answering your door wherever you go. It’s that simple.

Store Videos

Save videos captured on your iView Smart Bell with a microSD card (not included). Your doorbell captures up to 128GB, so you can use your microSD card to replay and rewatch your doorbell’s video footage. Should you have any suspicious would-be visitors, you can use your footage to report any issue to the authorities.

Water Resistant

iView’s Smart Bell is encased in an IP54 water resistant exterior, making it the perfect doorbell in rain or shine. With a working temperature from -4 – 130°F, the smart doorbell is built to withstand a wide range of climates and temperatures. 

Rechargeable Battery

The Smart Bell also has a built-in rechargeable battery that is engineered to reduce energy consumption with its ultra long standby time. The doorbell supports remote wake-up allowing the battery to remain on standby when it is not in use and to activate once it detects activity at your front door. There is no need to worry about replacing your battery every few months because of your doorbells large energy consumption even when it’s not being used.

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