3200STB Firmware

The firmware needs to be downloaded to the USB flash drive on a Windows only device, not a MAC. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Download Instructions Manual Flyer

CAUTION: Please check the back of your converter box for the correct serial number. To install a wrong firmware will break down your TV-Box permanently. iView will NOT be responsible for converter boxes damaged due to incorrect firmware being installed on the device.

Download Firmware

This is firmware for iView 3200STB.

File Version Size Date
IVIEW-3200STB 1409 8.55 MB 08/01/2016 Download
IVIEW-3200STB 1509 5.6 MB 08/01/2016 Download
IVIEW-3200STB 1603 5.5 MB 09/12/2016 Download
IVIEW-3200STB 1604 5.5 MB 03/24/2017 Download
IVIEW-3200STB (Support QAM PSIP) 1506 / 1508 / 1509 / 1511 / 1601 / 1603 / 1706 5.5 MB 09/28/2017 Download
IVIEW-3200STB 1709 5.54 MB 03/22/2018 Download
IVIEW-3200STB Firmware Update for Issues with Freezing, Low Frequency, or Resetting Box 5.5MB 03/22/2019 Download
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