3500STBIII Firmware

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Converter Box Modifications

  1. When you press Power Off, there was no time display and you could not turn the converter box on by remote.
  2. In 12-hour time, it was changed from 0:00 pm to now read 12:00 pm.
  3. Time is now synchronous (time on box display, on info windows, on EPG interface).
  4. In the EPG, page up/down of the program list and page up/down of the description are now displayed comprehensively.
  5. In the EPG, the AM/PM list is being changed to all one time of the day. In this case, it is AM. Originally, the time was set to be recorded in the PM and the last entry was PM to AM and after OK was selected, all the entries were made AM. If the last entry is PM, all entries would be made to read PM.
  6. In the Info window, the video resolution is displayed now whereas previously it showed to read as NONE.
  7. There was no option for Daylight Savings and no option for 24 hour or 12 hour time.
  8. Converter boxes now Default 12 hours.
  9. At the “Event Add” interface, when using OTA, the “Channel No.” should read with a dash. For example, 7-1 and not 0001 as it previously read.
    • the default mode has been changed from “View” to “Record”.
  10. In PVR List, changed “RECALL” next to the “Up Folder” function to read “RETURN”.
    • the “Rename” feature has been added.
  11. Schedule Menu changed 01 Add to 1 Add; 02 Edit to 2 Edit; 03 Delete to 3 Delete.
  12. Program Edit changed 01 Move to 1 Move; 02 Skip to 2 Skip; 03 Lock to 3 Lock; 4 Delete to 4 Delete.
    • changed “Recall” to “PVR” next to the “Rename” feature.
    • added “PVR” into the blue box next to the “Rename” feature.
  13. In Closed Caption, “Medium” has been changed to its correct spelling in the “Font Size” option.
  14. The channel number in “INFO Box” has been changed from 5 digits to 7 digits.

CAUTION: Please check the back of your converter box for the correct serial number. To install a wrong firmware will break down your TV-Box permanently. iView will NOT be responsible for converter boxes damaged due to incorrect firmware being installed on the device.

Download Firmware

This is firmware for iView 3500STBIII.

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