Kids Sing Pad Games

Counting Fish: Fat grey and black striped cat Counting Fish
Category: Learning

The big fat cat wants to count the number of fish to clear the fish bowl, but it is not good at math. The cat needs the children to help count the number of fish in the tank.

Designed with beautiful aquarium scenery and lovely colorful fish, the game is design to make learning to count fun for kids.

Gathering Fruit: Apple tree with monky holding a basket Gathering Fruits
Category: Learning

This is an application about learning letters and integrates a learning approach that increases a child's familiarity of letters and number.

How Many Squirrels: Squirrel standing next to mushroom house How Many Squirrels
Category: Learning

The naughty squirrels like playing hide and seek. Watch the squirrels come and go from the mushroom house and, in the end, guess the number of little squirrels hiding.

Throughout the course of the game, the little squirrels constantly walk out of the house. Children must remember the number of remaining squirrels inside the house, meanwhile, adding and subtracting the squirrel out of the only correct answer to a hiding squirrel the number to be rewarded

This game primarily focuses on improving children's memory capacity, while also doing simple computions.

Learning Animals: Girl in red dress looking at lion Learning Animals
Category: Learning

A cute little girl encounters a variety of animals in the forest and must answer the questions raised by animals, friends and interesting animals!

Correctly input the name of the animal in the game and small animals interact, and move on until the end of

This game allows children to learn the name and spelling of various types of animals found in the wild.

Learning Clothes: Picture of collar shirt with grey and black striped tie Learning Clothes
Category: Learning

A little girl goes to the supermarket to help her mother run some errands. On this trip, she needs to buy some clothes. Help the little girl on her shopping trip!

Correctly enter the name of the clothing in the game. Once entered correctly, move on until the end of the game.

This application allows children to learn the names and spelling of common clothing items.

Learning Fruits: Red apple with apple orchard in background Learning Fruits
Category: Learning

A little girl goes to a very big orchard that grows a variety of delicious fruits to eat some fruit. The owner of the orchard's provision is that the girl must answer his questions in order to get the fruit from the orchard.

Correctly enter the name of the fruit in the game to move on until the end of the game.

This application allows children to learn the names and spelling of common fruits.

Learning Sports Equipment: Tennis ball and racket, badminton racquet and birdy, pins and bowling ball, and soccer ball display Learning Sports Equipment
Category: Learning

The little girl goes to the supermarket, to help her mother run some errands. On this trip, she needs to buy some sporting goods, help the little girl to pick out some sports equipment!

Enter the name of the sport equipment. Enter the correct name of the item to move on until the end of the game.

This application introduces children to the names and spelling of some common sports equipment.

Learning Transportation: Purple bike with hillside landscape Learning Transportation
Category: Learning

The little girl begins on her trek through the forest, but the journey is very difficult. Help the little girl get transport, allowing her to reach the destination faster!

Correctly input the name of the transportion in the game. Enter the name correctly and continue to move forward until the end of the game.

This game helps children learn the names and spellings of many common modes of transportation.

Learning Vegetables: Supermarket with lettuce and pumpkins Learning Vegetables
Category: Learning

The little girl goes to the supermarket, to help her mother buy some daily necessities. On this trip, she needs some help buying vegetables.

Enter the name of the vegetable correctly and move on until the end of the game.

Thid game allows children to learn to distiguish common vegetables through pictures, by name and spelling.

Learning Notes: Clouds with numbers on staff and piano keyboard with numbers at bottom Learning Notes
Category: Art

In this fun little game, players will be prompted to enter a note. When entered correctly, the note will fly to the clouds in the sky. Once all the clouds are filled, the notes of the song will play.

Select some classic children's songs. Through a combination of notes and songs, this game will help your child gain a rough understanding of the association between notes, melody and song and cultivate interest in music.

Little Pianist: Piano with sheet music Little Pianist
Category: Art

This is a digital version of the piano. Your child will familiarize themselves with a piano keyboard and letter and stimulate children's interest in the art of music. In addition, the built-in score can help children to learn some simple songs.

Piano: Floating eigth notes with numbered piano keys at bottom Piano
Category: Art

Enter the corresponding note to the numbers of keys on the screen. A note symbol will then fly to the screen. This game is designed to cultivate childrens' interest in music. If parents help their child prepare a musical score, the game willmore exciting.

Typing Practice: Blue and green balloons with letters floating in the sky Typing Practice
Category: Game

This game with strengthen your child's familiarity with the letters by tapping the corresponding key balloon letters and improve you child's ability to match uppercase and lowercase letters.

Spin Guess: Smiling bumblebee with rotated images of bumblebee at bottom SpinGuess
Category: Game

This game is a test of memory for children. The game will randomly rotate the image clockwise or counterclockwise. Players need to memorize the initial state and count the number of revolutions in order to infer the pattern of the next.

Rotating Graphics: Fox with paint and canvas Rotating Graphics
Category: Game

This game tests your child's ability to distiguish color. Players need to rotate the image various ways (clockwise, counterclockwise, flip horizontal, flip vertical) to match the blocks on the blackboard and canvas.

iWawa Paint: Ocean with coral and seaweed in foreground and small school of fill in background iWawa Paint
Category: Art

iWawa Paint provides a fun drawing platform for children, there are colorful tools such as pencils, crayons, and brushes, as well as rich and colorful stamp materials. Kids can paint and color stamps. This application allows children to express their creativity by making pictures of their own creation. Once satisfied with their masterpiece, children can save their work to view later. iWawa Paint makes painting fun by encouranging children to explore their talent for painting and ignite your child's creative passion!

Ant: Infograph cards describing ants Ant
Category: Story

The ant is the most common insect found in nature. For these little creature that see everywhere, how much do you know about them?

An ant is tiny, but it has many secrets. Do you want to take a look?

If your kids are interested in insects or curious about ants, don't miss this app!

Let's learn about this amazing little ant!

Dung Beetle: Blue dung beetles haping dung into ball Dung Beetle
Category: Story

The dung beetle is a very unique little creature.

They don't have strong bodies, but possess incredible strength; they are not beautiful, but brilliant; stinky poo is gross to people, but it is their favorite.

They are known as natural cleaners. Why?

How do they roll dung into a ball?

And where do they take the dung?

Let's explore this amazing little dung beetle!

Butterfly: Monarch butterfly on pink flower Butterfly
Category: Story

Kids love beautiful butterflies and their elegant wings. Once they see a butterfly, they will always be chasing it excitedly.

Is your child curious about this magical creature? Do they also have the following questions?

  • Is the butterfly born a dancer?
  • Why their wings are so beautiful?
  • Why are some butterflies big, but others small?

It is difficult to imagine that an ordinary caterpillar can transform into a beautiful butterfly. There is no doubt that in the world of insects, these creatures are a real-life Cinderella story.

If your child is interested in insects, and curious about the butterfly, then you should not miss this application!

Let's learn about the butterfly, the beautiful guy!