Fingerprint Recognition
Keyless and no app required
Stores up to 10 fingerprints
Rechargeable Battery
Size: 28 × 60 × 15 mm / 1.1 × 1.3 × 0.5 inches


Fingerprint Padlock

To add to iView’s ever-expanding range of new releases, the iView Fingerprint Padlock is a padlock featuring fingerprint recognition, allowing you to lock up items securely with the touch of a finger. If you find yourself frequently losing keys or forgetting locker combos, the iView Fingerprint Padlock is the best solution to solve your problem. There is no need for remembering keys or combos now that you can simply unlock things with the press of a finger.

Safe and Secure

Keep your things secured with the iView Fingerprint Padlock. Lock bags, luggage, journals and more without having to worry about others getting access to it. You also don’t need to worry about your keys or combos falling into the wrong hands. The padlock makes your finger the key making you lock easy and simple to lock and unlock.

Fingerprint Scanner and Reader Technology

The iView Fingerprint Padlock features fingerprint scanning and reading technology. Our iView Fingerprint Padlock looks for distinctive characteristics, otherwise known as minutiae, like where ridges and lines end or where ridges split into two, to compare with the stored fingerprint. The fingerprint scanner takes into account smudging, dirt, and other factors that lead to false positives and false negatives.

Compact and Durable Design

Our padlock features a compact and durable design, making it the iView Fingerprint Padlock convenient and secure to take on the go. Bring the iView padlock wherever you go, whether it's outdoor backpacking at a national park, securing your personal journal or important secure files, or locking your suitcase for your long travels. You can be reassured the padlock is doing its job by keeping your personal items secure from theft and other prying eyes.

Store up to 10 Fingerprints

The iView Fingerprint Padlock stores up to 10 fingerprints, enabling you to open your padlock with two or even all ten of your fingerprints! You can also use this function to store the fingerprints of other trusted individuals to have access to things such as gates, cabinets, doors and more! The iView padlock makes it simple and easy for you to have access while preventing others from having the same luxury.