The door lock uses facial recognition technology to unlock your door. The facial recognition smart door lock is a smart door lock engineered and designed to provide high-security protection for you, your family and your home.

The door lock features a built-in camera with a deep-learning facial recognition algorithm to adapt to changes in facial features and confirm your identity. To prevent intruders from using photos and videos of authorized users, the door lock uses a combination of infrared illumination and liveliness detection to prevent unauthorized users from gaining entry through false positives. The infrared illumination checks for screens for those trying to gain access through the use of video recordings and photos meanwhile the liveliness detection prevents the use of printed images from being used to grant access to unauthorized users.

Once the lock confirms a person is an authorized user, it will automatically unlock. The door lock features multiple unlocking methods to ensure you can always access your home including facial recognition, id cards, and passcodes. Three backup keys are provided as a failsafe in case your door lock experiences a power failure or runs out of battery.

Night Vision and Touch Screen

The door lock’s built-in near-infrared illumination allows for clear night vision, enabling you to unlock your door lock at any time of day. The camera also includes built-in night vision for evening usage, and a capacitive touch screen for easy navigation. Use the touch keypad to set up your administrator account, create users, manage settings, type in passcodes and more.

Register Up to 100 Users and 50 Faces

For households or facilities with a large number of users, the smart facial recognition door lock allows users to register up to 100 users and up to 50 faces for facial recognition. These users can register and use one or multiple of the unlocking methods available for the door lock.

Face Log

For your safety and security, the smart facial recognition door lock comes with a facial recognition log that documents all entry attempts, logs the date and time of all attempts and a snapshot of the image requesting entry at the time. The log enables you to see if anyone has attempted to gain unauthorized access into your home and serves as a great security tool to prevent or capture theft.

Multiple Unlocking Methods

The door lock has various unlocking methods to ensure you are never locked out of your home. The four unlocking methods include facial recognition, id card, passcode, and key card. With a large array of unlocking modes, you don’t have to worry about unintentionally being locked out of your home.

Long Standby Time

The low indicator light notifies you when your batteries need to be replaced. When the battery is low on power, the low power indicator will appear on the screen or the light in the on and off button will flash red 5 times, indicating the battery needs to be replaced. To replace the batteries, remove the battery cover and unplug the connectors, take out the batteries from the compartment, and reload 8 new AA batteries.

Backup Power Supply

The facial recognition lock is powered by 8 AA batteries. You can also connect a power bank to the door lock unit to serve as an emergency power supply if the batteries were ever to get locked outside and the batteries have run out of power.