Battery: CR123Ax1
Standby Current: 20uA
Standby Time: 5 years
Use TIme: 1 year (25 times/day); 2 years (10 times/day)
Sensitivity Distance: 7M
Sensitive Angle: 110°
Wireless Type: 2.4 GHz
Protocol: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Wireless Range: 45m
Operating Temperature: 0 - 40°C (32 - 104°F)
Operating Humidity: 20 - 40%
Storage Temperature: 0 - 60°C (32 - 140°F)
Storage Humidity: 0 - 90%
Size: 1.97 × 1.89 × 1.89 inches
This device only works with 2.4 GHz wireless connection.


iView S200 Motion Sensor Highlights

  • Infrared technology to detect movement
  • Can detect up to 7 meters / 22 feet with 110° rotation
  • Easy Installation with screws
  • Increased safety and security with real-time alerts for security notifications
  • 1.97 × 1.89 × 1.89 inches
  • 0.09 lbs
  • Includes motion sensor, sensor stand, 2 screws, and 2 plastic wall anchors

Live smart with iView's Motion Sensor. You shouldn't have to worry about the security of your home while you're away. iView's Smart Motion Sensor is the latest innovation in iView smart home technology. Designed to help you stay updated on activity occurring in your home, the iView Smart Motion Sensor uses infrared technology to detect unknown movement and notify you of any irregularities.

Sleek and Compact Design

iView Smart Motion Sensor's small, sleek and compact design make it simple to install and position easily. Aim the sensor wherever you desire and secure using the a binding bolts and screw (included with sensor). The iView Motion Sensor offers up to a 110° tilt. Its circular design allows you to rotate and position the sensor to your liking without a hassle.

Responsive Motion Sensor

Concerned about the security of your house while you're away? Get alerts any time your iView Motion Sensor detects unknown movement. Using the latest in infrared technology to detect movement in whichever area you set it, the Smart Life and Tuya Smart app will notify you about everything from your pet entering areas they're not supposed to an unknown intruder entering your house.

The iView Motion Sensor can detect items up to 7 meters or 22.9 feet away. There's also no need to get frustrated with trying to install the sensor at the perfect angle. Once you have secured the base, the iView Motion Sensor can be rotated up to 110°.

Responsive Motion Sensor - 7 meter, 22 feet detection, 110° Rotation - Baby kitten rolling around living room floor, triggering motion sensor

Increased Safety and Security

Improve the security of your home with iView's Motion Sensor. Get notified every time your smart sensor detects motion in your house so you know when to quickly react should you experience unwanted intruders in your home. It's to keep your home and your family safe, which is why our motion sensor is designed to assist you when it comes to responding to unwelcome activity in your home.

Increased Safety and Security - Motion Sensor alerting homeowner via realtime phone notifications a intruder is in their home

Easy Installation

Install your iView Motion Sensor by screwing the device into desired spot. Connect your sensor to iView Home app via WiFi. Once your device is paired, receive notifications every time something triggers your motion sensor.

Easy Installation - Motion sensor positioned above bed - Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and garages

Simple App with Real-time Alerts

Download the Smart Life and Tuya Smart app to connect with your smart sensor device. Own more than one smart home device from iView? Conveniently control them all in one app. Customize your settings, receive security notification and updates all in one place.

Simple App with Realtime Alerts - Parents and little girl looking at iView iHome app on tablet