Intel KBL-R i5-7330U, Dual Core
OS: Windows 10
Memory: SSD128GB
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
With RJ45 Port for Ethernet Network
Display Chip: .45: DMD+RGBLED
Native resolution: 1280 × 800
Brightness: 1000 lm
Throw Ratio: 1:2:1
Product Size: 287 × 250 × 90mm / 11.3 × 9.8 × 3.5 inches

iView is bringing technology and education into the future with the iView Smart Projector, a revolutionary new interactive projector that makes any surface you display your projection, into a touchscreen interface. Embedded with an Intel KBL-R i5-7330U Dual-Core Processor and 4GB of RAM, the iView Smart Projector delivers lightning-fast performance that handles multi-tasking seamlessly.

Touch Screen Projector

The smart projector features an interactive projector that allows you to turn any flat surface into a touchscreen interface. Use the special pen that comes with the projector to write on the surface you are displaying the projected image on and have it appear on the projector! This allows you to select things on your projector like you would a computer via the pen. Open documents, write, play videos and more all using the iView Smart Projector.

Write on Project with Specialized Stylus

The iView Smart Projector includes a specialized pen that allows you to select icons, write, and more all using your projector. Use the pen to select desktop icons to open various apps and software or select a software that supports pen input so you can write, draw and more on the projector itself. Solve problems, write key points, and more all with the iView Smart Projector.

Share and Collaborate from Anywhere with Intel Unite

Using Intel Unite, the iView Smart Projector allows participants to securely share screens, enabling participants to display multiple screens at ones and easily share content with others. Wirelessly connect multiple displays with mixed technology in an instant, making it simple to collaborate whether it’s in the classroom or at work. Intel Unite’s magic begins when multiple computers, laptops, or other technology enter a pin to connect, share and collaborate seamlessly. Intel Unite allows live annotations, allowing you to highlight, circle and markup important points, displaying up to 4 screens worldwide all at once. File sharing is easy, with drag and drop sharing. Intel Unite makes sharing and collaboration easy, whether it’s for work or at school. Intel Unite coupled with our iView Smart Projector delivers a high-performance, highly flexible design, ideal for promoting sharing and collaboration in any team-centered environment.

Windows 10

The iView Smart Projector operates on a Windows 10 Home operating system, presenting consumers with innovative features for optimum system performance and a user-friendly interface. The smart projector presents the familiar Start Menu and Windows interface that all that users have come to love about the operating system.

With the new and improved Microsoft Edge browser, you can doodle, highlight text, and write directly on web pages. Microsoft has also unified the Windows Store for better accessibility with a desktop, tablet, and phone apps conveniently organized in one place. The Continuum feature automatically adapts your Win10 OS according to your device screen size and input style to fit your needs.


The built-in to the iView Smart Projector, is Wi-Fi (802.11b ac/b/g/n). Get connected wirelessly to the Internet in almost an instant. Wi-Fi lets you connect the fast, easy, and hassle-free way anytime to access important applications, listen to good music or stream live videos.

Bluetooth 4.0

The project also uses Bluetooth 4.0 to easily connect to any Bluetooth accessory. Once connected to a hard drive, mobile phone, speaker or headphones, you can totally forget about wires! Share personal files like photos, music, videos, and more without getting disconnected. The Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology not only aids in efficient file transfers but pairing compatible wireless peripherals are useful for freeing up USB ports for other devices you may need to attach to your smart projector.


Built into the smart projector’s design is an RJ45 port. The RJ45 port, also known as the network port or Ethernet port, when computers are concerned, is mainly used when connecting devices to Ethernet, which is ideal for optimum connect speeds and security when it comes to transferring data files.


Wirelessly share images on your phone, tablet, or other devices onto the iView Smart Projector. Using the Miracast function, you can view anything you are watching on one of your devices to display straight onto the iView Smart Projector. If you’re using a TV network app to catch up on your favorite show, you can now broadcast your phone screen to play on your smart projector. Just make sure your phone and projector are under the same Wi-Fi network. And press play to begin watching.