Smoke Alarm with Heat Function
Alarm Volume: Greater than 85dB(A) at 3 meters
Smoke Sensitivity: 0.108 – 0.141 dB/m
Heat Sensitivity: 54 – 70°C / 129.2 – 158°F
With Test Button for Regular Testing
Safety Clip, Battery required for operation
Power: DC2 × 1.5V Alkaline AA battery
Operation Current: Less than 6uA (Standby), Less than 400mA (Alarm)
Size: 120 × 35.5mm / 4.7 × 1.3 inches


Always be reassured that you are alerted of any potential or active fires with the iView Smart Smog Detector. Our newly released battery-operated smog detector protects you, your family and your home by notifying you if something is not right. Eliminate false alarms and have our smog detector alert you quickly and accurately when it detects smoke. Designed to be easy to install with very little maintenance and upkeep costs, the iView Smog Detector is an ideal device to have in every room of your home.

Real-time Alerts On-the-Go

Get real-time alerts on the go with the iView Smog Detector’s smart capabilities. Download the Smart Life and Tuya Smart app and sync your device with your phone. Once connected, your phone will alert you whenever your device detects smoke. This allows you to remain updated even when you’re away from home. Leave in a rush and accidentally forget your stove was boiling? Your iView Smog Detector will alert you, allowing you to rush back home or call a neighbor to help before things get out of hand. Quick response is crucial to preventing disasters from escalating. The iView Smog Detector alerts you immediately, allowing you to act swiftly and preventing greater disaster.

Easy Installation

Place the batteries in the device, mount it, and let your smog detector begin working for you. The easy installation lets you quickly use your smart smog detector from day one with no complicated wires or cords needed to install.

Loud Alarm Alert

Our alarm rings at 85dB or louder from up to 3 meters alerting you effectively if it detects and smoke. With a heat sensitivity of 54 – 70°C / 129 – 158°F, the iView Smart Smog Detector has a loud alarm that alerts you immediately it detects smoke. It high-end speak produces a crisp alarm that can even be heard through loud music. That way, you can quickly respond to the situation before things get worse.

Test Button

The iView Smog Detector also comes with a test button allowing you to check whether your alarm is operating properly. If you smog detector’s batteries die out, an alarm won’t sound even when there is a fire. Ensure the safety of your home with regular check-ups and testing of your smog detector to make sure the batteries are not dead and the device it is functioning properly.