Elegant design with 4.3” LCD Display
Mode: Schedule Mode, Hold Mode, Hold Until (Holiday) Mode
Individual Programming Schedules: 7 days × 4 Time Periods
Tempered Glass Panel with Capacitive Touch Buttons
NTC Thermistor
Power Supply: AC24v, 50/60Hz
Power Dissipation: 2W
Dimension: 136 × 94 × 26 mm / 5.3 × 3.7 ×1.0 inch
Output: <1A (Resistant Load)
Temperature Range: 41°F – 99°F (5°C – 37°C)
Display Accuracy: ±0.5°C
Wiring: Terminals
Installation Dimension: 60mm / 82 mm (Hole Pitch)


Introducing the iView Smart Thermostat, the latest addition to iView’s smart home collection. The iView Smart Thermostat is a programmable smart thermostat with various modes and an LCD panel making the iView smart thermostat the perfect addition to any home.

Sleek Design

With its 4.3” LCD display, tempered glass panel and capacitive touch button, the iView Smart Thermostat offers a sleek yet highly functional design. Its minimalistic buttons and LCD display are the perfect combination, providing you with the information you need and relax comfortably in your home.

3 Customizable Modes

The “schedule” mode grants you the convenience you need to conserve energy while you’re away and allowing you to enjoy your home when you’re in it. This prevents you from constantly having to adjust the temperature when you’re feeling too hot or too cold, allowing you to settle at the perfect Goldilocks situation of “just right”. Schedules change and you need your thermostat to too. The “hold” and “hold until” options provide you with just enjoy flexibility, so should your plans change, you can simply change the temperature on your thermostat and go back to your regular programming when you need to.

Program Schedules for Every Day of the Week

Wake up in the morning freezing? Then come back to grab a quick lunch at home and find it sweltering hot? iView’s Smart Thermostat can program its schedules to suit whatever your needs are throughout the day. With three main modes to choose from, pick and set the mode that is best for you. The iView Smart Thermostat has a built-in schedule mode, perfect for adjusting the temperature in your house to suit your needs. Programmable for each day of the week, set four different temperatures for each of the time periods every day. Set the temperature lower at night to get a peaceful sleep and conserve on energy, shifting the temperature to a balmy 75° for the morning to wake up to a cozy, comfortable home. While you’re away at work, have your thermostat conserve energy by switching to a lower temperature, then heating up again once you arrive back home. The convenience of individual programming will become apparent once you experience what the iView’s thermostat can do.

Override Your Pre-Set Schedule

For days where your everyday schedule strays from its typical programming, use the hold mode to set your thermostat “hold” a specific temperature, letting you override your pre-set temperature you previously set on your thermostat. If you find yourself under the weather with the flu and have to stay at home, you can use the hold mode on your iView thermostat to “hold” the current temperature so your home is at the perfect temperature and you can quickly recover. The hold feature is a convenient option, as it allows you to lock the temperature you set in place and go back to your regularly programmed scheduled whenever you need to.

Holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, are also special occasions that may disrupt your set schedule. Similar to the “hold” mode, the “hold until” mode, or “holiday” mode, allows you to override your pre-set schedule for a set time frame for the holiday and revert to your regular schedule once the holiday is over. In other words, it allows you to set the temperature to “hold until” the holiday is over.

NTC Thermistor

The iView Thermostat also includes a built-in NTC Thermistor that allows your home to maintain a steady temperature by counteracting or “resisting” the current temperature. The built-in NTC Thermistor, or Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor, is a thermally-sensitive resistor that alters its resistance based on temperature. With temperature changes, it exhibits a precise change in resistance, allowing your house to maintain the perfect temperature. During the winter months, when cold temperatures rein, the thermistor produces high resistance to counteract the chilly weather. When temperatures increase in the summer, the resistance drops. Our iView Smart Thermostat provides a resistance load of 1A. Even with small changes in temperature, these changes are reflected quickly with high accuracy to counteract those changes.