• Application: Mobile Phone, Masks, Watches, Jewelry, Glasses, Keys, Makeup Brushes, Underwear and any other small objects.
  • UV Wavelength: 200-275nm
  • UVC Lamp Quantity: 11pcs
  • Sterilization Time: Press the power button to start, up to 5min each time
  • Sterilization Range: 10cm
  • Gravity Sensor: When the tilt is greater than 5°, the device will shut down ultraviolet rays automatically to prevent accidental injury.
  • Power: 7W
  • Power Supply: USB Charge / Lithium Battery (Type 18650)
  • Lamp Bead Life: More than 10,000hours
  • Product Dimension: 240x40x25mm, Expand: 370x40x25mm
  • Product Weight: 200g


IMPORTANT: DO NOT use on humans or animals. Doing so can cause photolesions produced by UV radiations and harm and permanently damage skin cells. To prevent injury, keep away from children.


The UVC LED Sterilizer is a portable UV wand with a 7W LED ultraviolet light that emits 200 - 275 nm wavelengths to disinfect and destroy DNA, RNA and other protein particles from up to 10 centimetres or 4 inches.


Safety Design

To use the UVC sterilizer, press the power button to start and scan the area you wish to disinfect. Each session lasts up to 5 minutes. To prevent accidental injury, the device shuts down when the tilt is greater than 5° to prevent overexposure to UV rays.


How It Works

UVC is any ultraviolet light from 200nm to 280 nm. It is ideal for disinfection because the UVC range demonstrates significant germicidal properties. When organisms are exposed to deep UVC light, it is absorbed by DNA, RNA and proteins. Absorption by proteins cause can lead to ruptured cell walls and death of the organism. Absorption by DNA and RMA causes inactivation through the formation of thymine dimers, a photolesion with two bonds gluing the bases together. These dimers form a stiff kink in the DNA. If enough of these dimers are created, this disrupts DNA replication process and prevents the cell from replicating.

Cells that cannot replicate, cannot infect. The strategy in UV disinfection has been to provide a sufficiently high dosage to ensure that nucleic acid is damaged beyond repair.


Ideal for Home, Office and Travel

The UVC Sterilizer is ideal for use in homes, offices and travel. Disinfect phones, toys, keyboards, laptops, toothbrushes, clothes, door handles, packages, keys, headphones, masks, toilets, bedding, jewelry, glasses, makeup brushes, and more.


Portable and Easy to Use

The disinfectant wand is lightweight and portable for easy storage. With more than 10,000 hours of lamp bead life, the UVC LED Sterilizer is also rechargeable to provide UVC sterilization on the go.